The Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is the primary licensing agency for dual use exports (commercial items that could have military applications). Other departments and agencies have regulatory jurisdiction over certain types of exports and re-exports. For example, the State Department licenses the export defense articles and services.

There are currently four countries for which shipment of almost all commodities requires a license for export. These are Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, which are administered by EAR Section 746, Embargoes. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is administered by the Commerce Country Chart, but is also subject to U.N. Sanctions under EAR Section 746. [Note that these and other nations also have restrictions current under OFAC sanctions.] Depending on specific circumstances of the transaction, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) can also require an export license for shipments to any country including Canada and Mexico.

After you have used the ECCN Analyst to determine the Export Control Classification Number for your item, use the License Determination Assistant to determine whether the item has licensing requirements when exported to a particular country.

The License Determination Assistant immediately determines whether a license is required for exports of a particular ECCN to a particular country, and the reasons for the license. The License Determination Assistant also describes for you any available license exceptions. Online help is available.

How do you file a license application?

Parts 748 and 750 of the EAR provide information on license submission and processing. Part 752 of the EAR provides for a Special Comprehensive License that authorizes multiple transactions. If your application is denied, part 756 of the EAR provides rules for filing appeals.